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“I am jealous of your bedsheets — the ones you wrap yourself in over and over when you are unreasonably cold for the season. I am jealous of the people who get to pass by you in the metro and who will never know your name. They don’t know that they are lucky, that their shoulders touch someone wonderful.”
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Showing their sexy beauty with their ‘fairy dance’, it’s the sweet girls of Chocolat!




Chocolat’s third single album “Black Tinkerbell”

The girls of Chocolat, who debuted with the song “Syndrome” and have also had activities with the song “One More Day”/”Same Thing To Her”, have made a comeback with performances and music so amazing that it makes their long break from the industry pale in comparison.

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130629 Nara @ Busan Fan Sign Event (cr: Edit@hvstudio)

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Nara for Lime Odyssey

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Shed in a cooling tower by odin’s raven


Shed in a cooling tower by odin’s raven


Happy birthday our lovely leader!♥